How often do we happen to feel uncomfortable in a shirt, in a dress or simply a piece of garment item that we perceive a bit out of fashion?
Anima Fine has created a genial piece that is so versatile to be a sweater, a dress and a scarf all in one. Several ways uses for one single, multifunctional, warm and refined item.
A seamless tubular piece in merino wool, very light and impalpable. Depending on your taste or mood or a given occasion, it can turn into scarf or a cowl neck, a hooded shrug or even a top with or without sleeves, or a dress.
A basic, yet geometrically variable, piece garment, still so stylish and precious.
All materials and yarns are top quality and carefully chosen.


ReversAMI has been conceived for all women who are in need of a piece of garment that can perfectly match their tastes and needs.
A garment that is easy to pack: it doesn’t wrinkle and doesn’t take up much space in your bag or in your suitcase. A versatile garment perfect for all traveller women and for who want to transform his own look during the day, giving soul to the outfit.